Campus Universitario de Teruel
Universidad de Zaragoza

Common spaces

On each of three floors there is:

  • a TV room with a capacity of approximately 20 people each,
  • an “office” equipped with a coffee maker and a microwave,
  • a group study room.

On the ground floor there is an area of study and entertainment with the following rooms:

  • a study room, with 48 study places,
  • a room designed to keep the books one need at a certain moment, with a place for about 20 readers,
  • a computer room, with 8 PCs connected to the network of the Unizar.
  • a gym equipped with trellises, weight machines, a treadmill, a football and table tennis equipment,
  • a large multipurpose room to practice sports and leisure activities,
  • a conference room, with a capacity of 80 persons, equipped with a video projector for screening and a conference table.

On the ground floor there are also the following services:

  • Reception: located in the main lobby, is staffed 24 hours a day by the PAS and by the monitoring service.
  • Laundry: four washing machines and two dryers, clotheslines.
  • Vending machines supplied with drinks and snacks: in the main lobby, facing the Reception.
  • Newspapers and magazines: in the main Hall our residents have access to a seating area with newspapers and magazines available.